Cancellation and terms

Cancellation policy Days before arrival % of total room cost
Individuals 30 0
Individuals 14 25
Individuals 7 50
Individuals 2 days or less 100
Groups 15 – 60 days 100 of first night
Groups 14 100
Guidelines for individual reservations
Breakfast and Internet is included in all room prices.
All reservations must be confirmed with a credit card number or a reference number from a contracted agency.
There is no waiting list for individual reservations.
Guidelines for group reservations
Breakfast and Internet is included in all room prices.
All group reservations are initially booked as TENTATIVE and must be reconfirmed no less than 60 days before arrival. A rooming list must be delivered no less than 30 days before arrival or all rooms will be automatically flushed from the system.
Only one group can be placed on a waiting list for each fully booked date.
Allotments are not available to agents with outstanding invoices or agencies that are on a pre-pay list. Failure to pay an invoice on time can cause immediate cancellation of current and future allotments.
Make sure that groups and/or allotments are created with correct room types according to the needs of the group. A different type may be unavailable later.
Group organisers booking a group dinner are responsible for notifying the hotel of allergies and/or food restrictions that require a special menu. Failure to notify the hotel before the meal is prepared will result in the organiser being charged for both meals.